Chair Massage

Now Toronto Massage Therapy offers on-site chair massage services. We provide licensed massage therapists and specially designed massage chairs. This service focuses on areas of common tension in the work environment (neck, back, shoulders, and hands). No oils are used, and no removal of clothing is needed. This ensures that you are able to maintain a professional environment while providing employees or guests a relaxing break.

This service is great for special events, company sales contests, marketing events, or as part of an on-site wellness program to improve employee health and company morale.

Chair massage is unintrusive, requires only a small amount of space, and will not interfere with day to day operations of businesses. It requires no disrobing, no oils, only a small quiet area.

We can custom design a program as part of your companies wellness program; and create happier, healthier employees.

Benefits to your Company:

Boost Employee Morale
Reduce tension, pain, and improve circulation
Enhance employee productivity
Relieves repetitive stress injuries
Increase employee retention
A great way to Thank your staff and team!
Increase feeling of well being